Made With Love.

I found my knitting needle today, after ages, and I recalled how much I used to love knitting until I stopped doing it, for some weird, unknown reason. The first thought that came to my head when I found my needle was that all my best friends were going to get a hand-knit scarf from me, even though it’s ungodly warm here at all times. I just think that there’s something very beautiful there, that there’s a lot of potential, especially in long-distance friendships, to make something personally for your friends. It’s almost as if there will always be a part of you with them, even if you’re cities apart. So, yeah, of course I’ll be knitting some scarves, but I thought I’d write this poem first.

Happy reading! Xx

Let me knit you a scarf–
Every loop a careful sum
Of stories spun so far,
Woven into gentle warmth
To keep you from the cold,
Even from worlds apart.

When winter does come,
And it will, indeed,
I hope you’ll keep with you
This token of love from me;

So, let me weave you some love
You can forever keep
‘Til my ends come fray
And we’re unravelled free,
Let me stitch all our smiles
Somewhere they will be
One with the fragrance
Of our golden memories.

And when it keeps you warm,
I hope you’ll remember me.

Let me knit you a scarf
I know you’ll always carry
As close to your heart
As you are to me,
Yesterdays interwoven
In all your new stories.

You miss the warmth of home,
I have a piece you can keep,
Somewhere you’ll remember
This token of love from me;

So let me weave you some love,
In chains of never-ending yarn
Braided in patterns that stretch
For all the eternities I’ll love you,
And forevermore,
Let me knit you a scarf
For the cold days you’re yet to see,
One you’ll wear ’til worn,

Made with all my love,
For you, from me.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by rocknwool on Unsplash

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