Tired of Falling Asleep.


I have written yet another poem. This one came to me out of nowhere, but it’s about recurring nightmares and how it could very well just be something inside of us telling us to run away from a situation because we don’t know what else we can do about it. Fight or flight is obviously one of our most basic instincts, and sometimes, we just want to run away and never look back. It’s perfectly valid to let ourselves entertain the thought once or twice, I suppose.

Happy escaping! Xx

Faces I’ve never met
Chase me through depths of my dreams
Until I’m out of breath
From all the thorns beneath my feet,
Bleeding into the ground
I still carry on
Running as far as I can,
As far as my lungs would take me–

Have I mentioned I’m tired?
Tired of falling asleep,
Tired of living the same dream,
Tired of living;

I run
Looking for empty rooms,
Someplace I can scream into,
I run
Away from the world so loud,
Chaos I could do without,
I run
To lands unknown,
I don’t think I’m ever coming home–
I run
As far as I can go,
Wishing no one will ever know.

My hands are tied,
I’m weighed down by stones,
I’ve said my goodbyes,
I no longer feel at home
Amidst silent nights
That once calmed me down,
My tears have run dry
I still carry on–

Have I mentioned I’m tired?
Tired of falling asleep
In places that no longer
Seem familiar to me;

So I run,
Running is all I know,
I don’t know where I’ll go–
So I run
Far away from here,
I’ve shed too many tears,
I run
To lands unknown,
In search of a place called home,
I run
Until I no longer feel
My darkest fears crushing me–

Have I mentioned I’m tired?
Tired of falling asleep,
Tired of living a dream
That means nothing to me.

I’m tired.
Just tired.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Kevin Quezada on Unsplash

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