To Let Go, Move On.

Hey, guys!

I wrote this poem thinking about how so many of us hold things back until it is too late and just let ourselves take a step back from the lives of people we cherish because we assume they no longer need us in their lives. The truth is that the void left after a person leaves our lives is far too big to heal from or let go. But this is a poem written from the perspective of a person who chooses to take a step back and let themselves be forgotten anyway, because they cannot bring themselves to say that they want to stay right where they are.

I hope you like it. Xx

In wind that whispers,
And suffocating solitude,
For all the letters
That never found their way home–

The end is near,
I run out of breath,
I can’t remember the voices
I once cherished,
No words spoken,
I have none to speak,
Everyone I’ve known
Has strayed too far from me.

I look for signs not here,
Left with crippling fear,
Fading distance, so unclear,
A look at my rearview mirror

And I know
I no longer belong,
The time has come
To let go and move on.

In quiet nights,
Too faraway and far too tired,
Songs no one will hear,
Nor anyone to see me cry;

The tears fall slow,
I run out of breath,
The only voice I remember
Wants me dead,
No words spoken,
I have so much to say,
I choke on them,
I’ll let them out another day.

So I write them,
Hide them all away,
All the tears I’ve cried
Stain the pages to this day.

And I know
I no longer belong,
I don’t want to yet,
But it’s time to let go, move on.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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