At the End of the Day.

Somewhere I’d rather be than here.

Echoes in the Distance.

Draped in a tattered, old shroud.


If only what was within was easy to find.

Breaking Surface.

The ghost of a memory hot on our trails.

Track of Time.

All we have right now is time, anyway!

Away with the Clouds.

Until the next bout of rain...

New Moon.

We grow in phases or we fall apart.

No Way Out.

Words no longer mean to me what they once did.

Graves of Past.

Why do we ever hold on to the dead?

A Little Heart-to-Heart.

Take all the time you need to feel better.

It’s Quiet For Now.

We've somehow run out of things to talk about.


All I know is that it's okay to feel this way sometimes.

Tides of Memory.

Among millions of faces will the tides still find me?

Forgotten Drafts CH3- ‘The Mainstream’.

Clout is way more temporary than you think.

Boxed Up.

It's gonna hit me a lot harder tomorrow.

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