To Let Go, Move On.

So many of us hold things back until it is too late.

The Place I Go Back To.

Covered by creepers and overgrowth.

By A Thread.

Ripped apart at the seams.

If It Was Only.

Happy World Poetry Day!

Buried Six Feet Under.

Writing about metaphorical death is so much fun.


I'll leave that one up to you.


An illusion is all it was...

Daydream Mine.

Perhaps this is what it means to lose oneself...

Cry Into The Ocean.

Letters in bottles drifting with the tides.

Shallow Graves.

There are secrets you can’t take to the grave.

On Different Paths.

And it's finally the last post for this incredibly mad year.

The Best Thing.

I took my time writing today because I am honestly not feeling it.

Edge of the Cliff.

I couldn't really explain if I tried.

The Coldest Winter.

I've been addicted to writing angsty things lately.

One Too Many Falls.

We were so blind.

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