The Best Thing.

Here I go immortalizing you once again
In poetry your eyes will never read,
In words no longer filled with love,
After all, what have you ever done for me?
I do not ask for the stars or the moon,
Nor do I ask for the rarest pearl from sea;
All I wanted was for you to stay,
But all you did was walk away from me.

Oh, all the empty promises we made!
How foolish of us, now that I think,
Blinded by the rosy hues of love,
But the dusk set in on our golden hour.
If I knew my words would stray your way,
I’d have never spent them on you;
Perhaps I’ve got no love for you left,
After all, what have you ever done for me?

If there was kindness in letting go,
I wonder why resentment took hold,
For all the times I tried to forget,
But the wounds you left are still fresh,
And perhaps I’ve run out of words for you,
There’s nothing for you that I have left;
Still left picking myself up in pieces,
Still wondering what you ever did.

And maybe I’m cautious now,
My walls don’t crumble the way they once did,
The sadness washes over in tidal waves,
And the tears always threaten to spill.
But the rosy hues seem brighter now,
Brighter than they ever used to be,
So, perhaps you’ve done that after all,
It could be the best thing you’ve ever done for me.

~ Shubhangi Srinivasan.

You know what they say about things happening for the best? Sometimes, we realize that what happened to us could have left us with a lot of wounds to heal, but also a couple of lessons to learn. This is just something personal that I took my time writing today because I am honestly not feeling the writing side of me. Nevertheless, I just wanted to put this one out there! I hope you like it.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Leon Seierlein on Unsplash

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