The Blog’s Trip Around The Sun.

This is unreal!

The Ever-Elusive.

Out of reach, but just barely.

Roads to Nowhere.

Perhaps it is the allure.

Who Decides When The Right Time Is?

Why, that would be you, of course!


Write to me...

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

We deserve to be happy

Better Than That.

Believe in yourself a little more.

Head In The Clouds.

Funny, isn't it?

A Couple of Steps.

Almost there!

Energy Reading.

I don't know. You decide.

‘Are We Really Okay?’

That box will never be opened again.


Some gold stays better buried.

A Random Entry.

Maybe it's time we changed things a little.

Lies and Gilded Cages.

Some things are better when they remain gone.

One of Those Days.

Everything in moderation.

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