The Ever-Elusive.

I look for my muse
In words that came before me,
Written in tongues I’ll never speak,
In ink that has deemed me unworthy,
I search in vain, still,
For my muse lost at sea,
In flickering and fickle hopes,
Perhaps sunk to the depths so cold,
Perhaps still wandering the tides,
Afraid but afloat.
I look for my muse
In the words that elude me,
In tendrils of silver and gold,
Out of reach, but just barely,
In little ghost fires through the woods,
Luring me deeper as I go,
Here one moment and gone another,
Out of grasp, but just barely so,
Chasing a game I’ll never find,
Such is the thirst of a restless mind.
I look for my muse
In songs I could never write,
In dusty books from years ago,
In pages yellow that once were white.
I search in stories that have been lost
To time and its merciless tides,
I search in the rivers that bend to brooks,
Amidst the giggles and babbles on the rocks,
I search in the crickets that chirp
And smooth pebbles as they scattered, lie.
I look for my muse
Everywhere but in the pages I filled,
Perhaps the ink shall flow once more,
In the praises of one who eludes me still.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

I gave it a thought and I couldn’t find anything to write about, so my head immediately went ‘creative block, but make it poetic’ for no reason and I ended up with this. Looking for inspiration when you’re feeling unmotivated is so hard, you guys, and I’ve been going through it lately. I just hope that I am back in form by the time NaPoWriMo rolls in next month! I hope you like reading this poem!
Yours truly,
The Shubhster. Xx

Featured Image by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash 

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