“Every single day, it amazes me how much in sync we can be with another person to the point where you don’t even need to ask them what they’re thinking about because you already know the exact words they’re going to say. There’s all that talk about a person out there who is ‘made for you’, and I am beginning to think that it doesn’t always apply in a romantic context. Some people just waltz their way into your life and decide that they’re going to be there for you every step of the way and go out of their way include you in every single chapter of their lives and make sure they are a part of every single chapter of yours; it’s so easy being around such people because it becomes second nature after a certain point. It’s as easy as and natural as breathing around them to a point where you find that you can be completely vulnerable with them without the fear of judgment; all there is, is comfort and it’s welcoming. There are, perhaps, a handful of people that we could say this about because we’ve been on a journey of sorts with the and I hope everyone understands just how important these people are. And when the time comes and you find yourself being a part of yet another chapter in their lives, you’re going to go through a whole range of emotions because you don’t know what to do with all the joy and love inside of you, but it’s going to be one of the best things that you will ever experience. That connection with a person, or perhaps, maybe more than just one person, is incredibly rare, as I continue to learn. I was talking to my best friend the other day and she said something along the lines of, ‘You think you know a person…’ and I just thought about how knowing a person and telling them you’ll be there for them is one thing and how actually making good on that promise is a whole other thing. Most people, as it turns out, fail to keep their end of the promise and they end up walking further and further away until no amount of anger, tears or shouting is going to bring them back. The only people that matter are the ones who actually prove that they want to be a part of every single chapter of your life since they met you and want you to be a part of theirs. Maybe there are people out there who are made for us, who sync with you in ways that you cannot explain, people you know all your ins and outs. Maybe there are people who will laugh and cry with you in your ups and downs and love you even on the days when you’re unable to give yourself the love you deserve. Maybe we just need to hold on to them. I know they exist because I’ve found my people just as much as they found their way to me. I hope you find yours too.”

Featured Image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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