Day 25: Still Waters (Haiku).

Just a little Haiku.

How Do We Accept Change?

So much has changed so quickly.

#NaPoWriMo Day 27: Flashover.

When all was said and done...

In The Memory of Us.

Some forgotten diary.

The Best Thing.

I took my time writing today because I am honestly not feeling it.

A Dream Too Long.

Looking for a door, for a way out


If only what was within was easy to find.

‘The Untamed Hero’.

Perhaps beyond the chaos lies peace.

Pray For Your Souls.

Farewell and may you damned be.

‘Keep it 100.’

What does that even mean?

#NaPoWriMo Day 5: As They Could Be.

Reach the sky, you shall.

Wait, What?!

Where was I going with this?

Random Things that Make Me Happy.

Happiness is everywhere.

Day 22: Learning from Mistakes.

Day 22 of 31 Days of Self-Discovery.

What Sparks Joy.

"Nothing good ever comes easy"

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