What Do We Do?

On certain days, when we feel that extra bit of meh-ness, we seek comfort in the familiar. Re-runs of our favourite shows, eating our favourite food, spending some time all by ourselves, or throwing ourselves into work; we find a way to ease whatever knots have been forming in the pits of our stomachs. We find distractions in places that make us feel safe.

On some days, we must do what it is best for our well-being, even if it means getting plenty of rest and not doing anything productive for a day or two. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes, and lately, it feels like we’ve all been going through a pretty hard time. We might not be in in the best place sometimes, and we might not feel like our best selves. But we should remind ourselves that we have the right to let us recover from whatever has been weighing us down lately.

We can only hope that things fall into place, sometimes. Other times, we just curl into our safe-spaces and allow ourselves to have a good cry about it, before we finally get over it and get ourselves together.

Either way, it’s what we do for ourselves that counts. It’s how much we care for ourselves when we need it that counts. Xx

Featured Image by Clément Falize on Unsplash

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