Can You Live Without Love?

I'll answer that for you: No, you can't!


Make it Today!

No better time than right now.


Let love be your strength.

The ‘Dying Spark’.

What comes after could be much, much better.

Gloomy Days.

Reconnect with yourself once in a while.

Bookish ‘Love’.

Do not let false expectations hurt you.

The Most Important Relationship.

Forget what books, movies or sappy internet quotes tell you.

Who is a Soulmate?

"Not all love is romantic, and romance cannot be taken as the basis for love."

Happily… Ever After?

"People fall out love just as easily as they fell for each other."

Thank You.

Gratitude Day 30.

Clean Slate.

Gratitude Day 29.

Cut Some Slack.

Gratitude Day 28.

Nothing Like It.

Gratitude Day 27.

Bleeding Ink.

Gratitude Day 26.

What Doesn’t Kill You…

Gratitude Day 25.

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