All That’s Left Unsaid.

Come watch the sunsets and stars with me;
Who knows down what road that might lead?
Perhaps someplace on top of the world,
Hundreds of dreams and colours unfurled–
The hint of magic that our words leave behind,
Oh so slightly but forever on our minds;
Left there frozen, struggling for air,
Looking for the right words, we just stare,
As words will always fail us, somehow,
So if you’re coming along, let’s run away right now.
And yet, there is grace in the games we play,
Biting back all that we cannot say,
Knowing that the sweet nothings in our throats
Seek but the bliss of an escape.
So, here we go, seeing the world around
The way we want to, not the way it was found,
And so we’re left wondering what comes next–
Where do we begin? Where to give it a rest?
After all, there’s nowhere we need to be,
So I think to myself if you’d like to join me.
All around the sun, we go,
Taking our own sweet time, slow,
Knowing that the words caught in our throats
Seek nothing but the bliss of that escape;
The day we find our voices loud enough,
I hope we don’t hold back, let it out,
All that we’ve been hiding within,
All that we’ve forever wanted to shout–
Ah, to wonder all that we could be,
So stop biting back your words, come join me.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by ashutosh nandeshwar on Unsplash

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