All We Ever Do.

All we are is wandering stardust
And all we ever do is dream
Of the moon, the stars and the outer space,
But what about the universe we carry within?
We bleed out and cry tears of ink,
And then go call our sadness ‘blue’–
How peculiar, don’t you think?
All we ask are questions there aren’t answers to.

All we are is beating hearts,
And all we ever do is yearn from miles away–
By night, we seek out all the brightest stars
And pluck out the biggest blossoms by day.
How audacious it is for us to cry, then,
All we ever do is want to pull things apart!
What a shame it is to be so Hell-bent,
Outrageous things done in the name of art.

All we are is the ocean and its tides,
Forever stuck in a dance with the moon,
We push and pull with the lows and the highs,
A rhythm that isn’t ending anytime soon.
All the unknown depths we hide,
You either drown or you explore,
Secret darkness that we hold inside,
And all we ever do is crave more.

All we are is all that we dream,
Losing ourselves, time and again,
And all we want is the beauty unseen
Only to lose ourselves in the end.
All we are is fragile and human,
Living in a world too romanticized,
We write it, we paint it, we save it all we can,
Even if we return to stardust in the end.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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