All That Is Today.

If only I could capture in words,
The beauty that this universe holds,
I’d run out of stories to be told–
Stories of universes that aren’t ours,
Those that we shall never explore,
All the books we’ll never read,
All the music we’ll never know and more.

I search in vain for a kindered soul,
One I could watch the sunsets with,
As the waves wash over our toes,
Frozen in time, making a wish.
A soul to dream of the stars with,
One with a mind as open as mine,
One who’d walk with me, the narrow bridge,
I wonder if fates can ever intertwine.

Curious hearts late into the night,
Saccharine words being exchanged,
Talks that last ’til the early light–
How easy it is; do you think it strange?
Such different planes of reality,
How mysterious that you walked into mine!
Call it weird, call it crazy,
On the edge of dreams, but we’ll cross that line.

You say my mind intrigues you,
Conversations we so desperately crave,
But at a loss for words, we are, too;
It’s the little crumbs that we save.
Who could’ve known this could be true,
Minds that come together so,
Words we’ll take to the moon and back,
The world left behind so long ago.

Time and again, I keep writing,
About the thoughts we might share,
‘Someday,’ I tell myself, ‘maybe’,
‘We’ll say all that we want to say’,
But for now, we remain in awe
Of the seas, the skies and the Milky Way,
Forever wide-eyed, forever lost
In all that’s to come tomorrow and all that is today.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Denis Degioanni on Unsplash

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