Forgotten Drafts CH8- ‘Zoned Out’.

Welcome to another chapter of Forgotten Drafts, where I publish posts that I began writing at some point, but never really completed writing. The point of these posts is to remind you that, sometimes, you lose your train of thought, no matter how well you had built your content around your ideas, and that it is okay to leave things as they are in certain cases.

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“There are days when you find yourself completely unable to do things that you know you’re good at. You can just feel the inspiration shrinking into itself and backing away into some corner, refusing to show up when you clearly need it. You have all of your ideas mapped out to the tee in your head, but when it finally comes down to executing it, you find yourself zoning out.


You may have been sitting in front of whatever blank canvas you chose to work on, but do you realize how many hours have gone by in the time you took to decide what your first step should be? Yeah, I don’t know that, either. Just know that you’re not alone. It’s okay to not know where to begin when you have a bunch of ideas in your head. But also, we need to be bold enough to go ahead and take that first step, at some point in time. Because unless we’re ready to take that step, we’re stuck right where we are.

It’s not about hitting a certain word limit or a deadline within the time we’re given. We’re all capable of doing those things if we push ourselves to the extreme. But when it comes down to doing something that we’re really passionate about, we find ourselves at a loss because this is something that we want to be done perfectly. And that’s very valid because nobody wants to see something they put their heart and soul into get ruined because they made one wrong move.


So, all we end up doing instead is zone out and stare into the void because we find ourselves slowly sinking into all those thoughts that cross our mind. You never know, though. You might just come up with something amazing while you’re still zoned out. All we have to do is to remember to catch ourselves before we fall in too deep.”

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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