Too Much Going On Up There.

Sometimes we let it slip out of our control.

Sometimes, It’s Them.

You don't control where the wind blows.

Select All. Then Delete.

We grow out of things for a reason.

You Made It Through Another Day.

You are going to make it out of this, too.

We’re All Trying.

Maybe it's a long road that keeps going around in circles....

Where Do We Belong?

Aren't we all just trying to find something to relate to, anyway?

To: Everybody Trying Their Hardest.

Here's a hug for everyone.

A Dull Day.

Just another random entry.

Roads to Nowhere.

Perhaps it is the allure.

Random Journal Entry Or Something.

I think about this way too much.


It's alright to give yourself a day off.

Who Decides When The Right Time Is?

Why, that would be you, of course!

Is Burning Yourself Out Really Worth It?

You don't know if there's going to be an 'eventually'.


Write to me...

Speak Your Truth.

Struggles are still very much struggles.

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