Random Journal Entry Or Something.

“Does it ever make you really sad that you’re never going to be able to truly listen to all the music out there, read all the amazing books that you haven’t already, visit all the places that you’ve always wanted to see, admire all that there is and all that will ever be?

I mean, I’m not a fan of the idea that immortality could exist, but if we were given an immortal life, I think I’d be spending mine trying to catch up on all the art out there, ever! And even then, there’s no way to find out about art that has been lost to time, and it really makes me wonder about how even things such as art, that are supposedly ’till the end of time’ aren’t really going to last. It makes me wonder about how frail our existence really is.

We try to chase the horizon. We’ve tried, again and again, to conquer this world, but this world is so beautifully vast, there is no way to truly admire and be everywhere all at once. The more I am exposed to other languages, new music and art, the more it fuels something in me; it’s like I can’t touch it, but the presence is so strong, I can’t help but sway.

The world moves at such a scary pace and all we ever do is try to keep up with it, even if we’re panting and huffing along the way, and even then we’re shamed for not knowing every single thing about the things that are happening around us. Change can be so exhausting. Keeping up with things is exhausting.

I think about this way too much.”

Featured Image by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

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