“One of the hardest things that we’ll have to accept is that, sometimes, we’re going to get tired of doing even the things we love, no matter how much we end up pushing ourselves. We need to understand that we aren’t inexhaustible sources of energy. Nothing in this world is truly inexhaustible and we’d be far-fetched to think that we’re never going to run out of ideas. And as close to inexhaustible as ideas can be, our minds are still prone to exhaustion.

I wonder if that’s either something we are unaware of, or something that we actively choose to ignore because we are driven by the things we love. Today just happens to be one of those days for me and I’m so glad I spent a major part of my day just reading and doing things that I had been brushing aside for way too long, you know, like cleaning the walls. And as pointless and useless as it may seem, I think it’s a good thing I let myself think about things other than my usual stuff because I don’t feel as exhausted anymore.

Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something good tomorrow!

Maybe it’s just one of those days that I needed so that I could remind myself that it is okay to not constantly come up with thoughtful or motivational things. After all, who on earth has all the answers? And maybe, someday, we’ll all think about how we missed out on so many things that we wanted to do just because we kept putting them aside for a rainy day that never really came! It’s alright to give yourself a day off.”

Featured Image by Sergio Martínez on Unsplash

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