Finding the Balance.

In the last three days, my best friend and I have watched over 10 episodes of a very angsty K-drama together and we have laughed until our stomachs hurt, cried our eyes swollen, and gasped at the countless plot twists together. And out of everything, this is what we have realized: there needs to be a balance between the amount of angst and fluff, and no, I’m not just talking about TV shows or books here. I’m talking about everything we go through in life. Because when you think about it closely, we humans are constantly craving for balance, even when we don’t really realize it.

perfectly balanced

Think about it! We always feel like we need to ‘catch up on lost sleep’ or we stick one leg out of our blankets because we cannot settle on a temperature that’s good enough to fall asleep in. We constantly seek out the ‘middle ground’ and want things to be fair for everyone. You try to reclaim too much land from the sea and the sea lashes back. We like living our lives on the edge but we also like our peace and quiet. And we feel like we’re going off-balance when things are too much to handle because, let’s be real, there’s only so much that any of us can take at a time; anything more and we’re going to find ourselves slipping.

i need a minute alone

That’s just the way the world works, isn’t it? Everything seeks out a very delicate balance, whether we notice it or not. Where am I trying to go with this, you ask me? Well, I’m just trying to point out the fact that things are never too good or bad for too long. I’m not invalidating anybody’s problems here because I don’t know your story and I have no right to do so. But, I just want you to hold on to the hope that things will get better for you, in case you’ve not been having a good time lately. I can’t promise anybody that things will be okay all the time, and neither can I predict when things will get better.


I know that it can be incredibly hard to believe that things can ever get better when you’re in a funk, too! You don’t have to believe what I say because I have no idea what any of you are going through and you shouldn’t have to listen to a person who’s sitting behind her laptop screen and saying all these things because that’s very shady of me! But you can take cues from the universe itself because you know that the entire universe hangs by the delicate thread of balance. And guess what? You’re a part of that equation whether you know it or not. Every action you’ve taken so far and will take in the future will affect that equation (no pressure or anything there). That’s how I know that if things are bad right now, they’ll get better. And if things are going great for you, celebrate!

So, if you’re looking for the balance all around you, I suggest you start with the first thing you should be focusing on: yourselves! Everything else will find a balance one way or another. Trust the equation.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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