Some Stupid Thing I’ve Done.

I don't like any of it!

We’re Trying!!!

There's no time limit to these things.

Not A Lot Going On At The Moment…

Take your time with this.

Metaphorical Laundry.

It takes time and a whole lot of work.

How Much Longer?

You know what? You do you.

Where Do We Belong?

Aren't we all just trying to find something to relate to, anyway?

If It Was Only.

Happy World Poetry Day!

Couch and Bad TV.

It drained me to even write this.

To: Everybody Trying Their Hardest.

Here's a hug for everyone.

Nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award!

And, here's another nomination!

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back.

The hope of getting another shot.

‘The Untamed Hero’.

Perhaps beyond the chaos lies peace.

Parts of Us.

You matter. You are loved. You are cared for.

Outstanding Blogger Award Nomination!

Beyond honoured to have been nominated for this!

Play Pretend.

Just be nicer to people.

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