We’re Trying!!!

One of the things that will always be surprising to me, no matter how many times I’ve experienced it, is a work in progress looking like a complete mess before it all finally comes together in the end. I’ve always wondered how something that looks beyond saving can, in fact, be saved and turned into something that is entirely different than the mess it is.

I only meant that literally, but then I realized that there is a deeper, more metaphorical meaning to it and now I am surprised at the way my own brain works. I could have written a book, by now, if I had such deep thoughts all the time, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. Anyway, the point is that, even when we feel as though we’re at our worst, there’s always a way out and maybe things do get better eventually if we try hard enough.


But the thing is, not everyone always has the mental or emotional capacity to clean their way out of the mess that they’re in. Sometimes, it’s just too much to deal with, and that is very valid. Nobody is going to hold it against you if you find yourselves logging out of all your accounts and just sleeping for twelve hours straight. As long as you want to make it out this, you’ll find yourselves doing exactly what it takes.

There’s no time limit to these things. Some people just get over whatever they’re going through after a nap or a shower, others take longer. There’s no rule. There’s no guide. It’s just one of those things that we need to figure out for ourselves before we watch all the opportunities we have slipping away. The most important thing here is that you don’t give yourself a hard time for doing things at your own pace. As long as you’re trying, it’s good enough. After all, progress isn’t linear and we all have ups and downs, some worse than others, but it’s something we always seem to find a way out of.

i cant do this

When you think about it, you wouldn’t be here reading my post right now if you hadn’t made it out of all the mess in your past. You’re here because you worked things out, even if it is only halfway through. Progress made halfway through is still progress. One percent of progress made is still progress, too. I can’t tell you what progress exactly feels like, but you’ll know it when it’s happening for you. You’ll feel yourself working your way out and it’s only going to make you more determined to make more progress.

And hey, if you’re not determined for any kind of progress today, then that’s okay too!

Sometimes, we just don’t let things sink in for a really long time and it just all comes crashing over us later, when we’re not even thinking about it. Personally, I find myself obsessively cleaning every corner of my room in such moments. I suppose we all have different ways to cope with the mess that we’re thrown into, time and again. But what really matters is that we are still trying to make things better for ourselves, even if we aren’t working for it 24 hours a day.

It’s okay. Tomorrow’s another day and we can find a way out of whatever we’re dealing with at the moment. We’ll try again.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Ricardo Viana on Unsplash

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