Some Stupid Thing I’ve Done.

I feel so stupid right now.

So, get this. I made nice painting, right. It was good. It looked nice right up to the point that I started adding the details and then it all started going downhill. It looked so bad, I spent an hour crying and then I poured white paint all over it and painted over the canvas again because I couldn’t stand how bad it looked. Surprisingly, the do-over only took me around half an hour, altogether, but I still feel like it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done and it just… isn’t a very fun feeling at the moment.

My phone’s battery is about to die and I haven’t checked my laptop in days. I don’t know what this weird slump is, but I am definitely NOT liking it.

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to, today, and I was obsessively trying to get things under control to a point where I completely forgot about writing, yet again. It just is happening a lot these days, and I can’t seem to bring myself to pay attention. But, hopefully, I’ll make it out of this slump as soon as possible.

I’m going away for the weekend to a family get-together sort of thing. Hopefully, that will help me clear my head a little bit and bring me back to my senses.

Once again, I am really sorry for the lack of content here. Thanks for everyone who keeps checking my posts regardless. It means a lot that you’re still here.

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Mario Dobelmann on Unsplash

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