‘The Untamed Hero’.

I rarely ever do this, but it’s my one of favourite fictional characters’ birthday today, and I really wanted to write something inspired by him because I have never been this emotionally attached to a character before.

Wei WuXian, from Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s novel Mo Dao Zu Shi is one of my comfort characters because of how realistically grey his character is, and despite everything, he only wants to do good in the world and his first instinct is to always help people. I think that it’s a very admirable trait to have; it shows that people can be flawed and still have a pure heart. They could be going through the worst inner turmoil and still have a smile that is brighter than the sun. They could be shunned by the entire world and yet, their first instinct is to protect people who do not have a voice for themselves. It is because Wei WuXian is a morally grey character that I admire him so much.

Throughout his story, all Wei WuXian does is try to help people even when he loses the people he treasures the most, more than just once, is ostracized by society, is killed and then resurrected. You see how much he grows from being a teenager who is arrogant about his abilities (but still using them to help the world), to an adult who protects the people he loves. His mistakes are not once glorified. Instead, he comes to accept his mistakes and grows as an individual. Maybe, because his character has been written in such a realistic manner (when you take away the supernatural elements from the story), it makes Wei WuXian, perhaps, one of the most beautifully written characters.

I tried making a sketch, but I’m not good enough at it, yet. So I decided to what I do best and write something for my comfort character. To Wei WuXian, I hope that in some universe, you’re happy and you’re getting the love and peace that you deserve. Happy birthday!

Before you continue reading, I suggest you play this song for a better reading experience:


“Night drenched in silver moonlight,
The ravens swooped past the moon,
The shrill melody of the phantom flute,
Played the fading memory of a tune,
Etched so deep, it survived death,
Another time, another life,
Arose a spirit in another’s stead,
A new beginning, a new life.

The truth uncovered to the songs of the qin,
A spark blossomed into fire warm,
Kingdoms crashing down rebuilt,
The blazing red sun shot down.
But who could have ever known what storms hid
Behind smiles that would make the sun shy?
Who could ever quell the storm’s rage,
Except for the one who bore light?

He who remained pure in death,
He who for an oath sworn, sacrificed,
Cast his sword aside for the flute,
Head still held high in youthful pride.
The promise of young love left behind,
The one clad in white and golden-eyed,
The memory like fragrant, mellow wine,
Aged under snow for the years to refine.

Perhaps it is human to attempt the impossible,
And it is only human to fail,
It is only human to want to save them all,
And it’s only human to be doomed, after all.
Still carried your heart in grace,
Once gone, in peace you remained,
Humming the melody once heard in a daze,
Reliving days before all the heartache and pain.

Gazing at the realm hidden within clouds,
Where swords once clashed under the moonlight
The qin and the flute now play in harmony,
Under magnolia trees outside the silent room,
And a brave new world there shall be,
Scars from the past have now healed,
Perhaps there’s love and joy beyond the pain,
And perhaps beyond the chaos lies peace.”

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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