Why We Should Be More Proud Of Ourselves.

Never tell yourself that something you did wasn't enough.

Never Done Before.

Don't give up without a fair fight.

No Way Out.

Words no longer mean to me what they once did.

Graves of Past.

Why do we ever hold on to the dead?

A Little Heart-to-Heart.

Take all the time you need to feel better.

Some Progress.

Just a little update about my blog.

Forgotten Drafts CH5-‘Incomplete’.

Would you do something just for the sake of doing it?

Work In Progress.

It's not always what it looks like.

‘Crazy, Beautiful Minds’.

Just a journal entry from about a week ago.

Finding the Balance.

That's just the way the world works, isn't it?

Forgotten Drafts CH3- ‘The Mainstream’.

Clout is way more temporary than you think.

Another Bad Day.

Sometimes, standing out is a little more difficult than it usually is.

Rolling With It.

The world is always going to try to tell you to do things differently.

‘Just Be’.

You're a lot more important than you think!

Too Much?

It never hurts to be mindful about the people around us, you know?

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