Forgotten Drafts CH5-‘Incomplete’.

It’s time to publish another one of these drafts that I had left in my folder for way too long and this time, it’s something that perfectly captures the essence of why I’m posting all of my Forgotten Drafts here. Funnily enough, this one is called ‘Incomplete’ because I was originally writing a story that I left incomplete after a while, and then left this draft incomplete because I couldn’t bring myself to write the whole thing. I love how this one worked out!

“Often, when you begin to write something, you start questioning yourself whether what you’ve written is good enough. It’s the curse of being a writer. You never think what you’ve written is good enough because you’ve stared at the words for way too long. Certain words have even ceased to make any sort of sense to you. At a point where you can’t even figure out if the words you’ve written have been spelt correctly, what difference does it make whether you complete the story or trash it? Maybe, a few weeks down the line, the same incomplete work is going to seem like it could make a fine story. It’s a vicious cycle that every single artist goes through on a daily basis, irrespective of the kind of art they practice. What you have in your head looks so different from what you can realize on paper and I cannot stress upon how disappointing it can be sometimes. And when you finally go back to what you left incomplete, you realize that you’ve lost all the inspiration that you needed to actually go through with it. After all, what is art without the muse? If the inspiration finds its way back to the artist, maybe the incomplete piece of work stands a chance of being completed. Or perhaps there is a certain beauty in incomplete work, perhaps actually going through with it will ruin what it is right now. It’s like the beautiful line art you draw before you paint over it and realize that it looked better when it had minimal details. But as an artist, you can’t help but overthink. It’s second-nature to us. We keep thinking about what it could have been if we had found it in ourselves to go ahead and complete it. And maybe all the ideas you had in your head would have come to life. Then again, would you do something just for the sake of doing it and half-ass it, or do much better things with your time?”

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Forgotten Drafts CH5-‘Incomplete’.

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  1. The overthinking..oh yes so very true! I realised this when I saw that writing for myself, writing which I know I will never share with others, is much more free flowing than the ones I’d write with the intent of sharing!

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    1. When you write for yourself, you’re not worried about being factually incorrect, offending people, disregarding struggles etc. When you’re writing for a platform, you have to be mindful because what you say can and will affect people. It’s a really fine line but it makes a HUGE difference.

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