‘Crazy, Beautiful Minds’.

I am feeling a little under the weather today, to be honest, and any good ideas that I might have had for today’s post have been sneezed away. Luckily, this is what I have my journal entries saved for. One of the best things about writing every single day is that I can keep switching topics whenever I don’t really feel like putting too much thought into what I have to write, and that has been working out so well so far.

This is a journal entry from about a week ago because somebody made me really think about how beautiful a person’s thoughts and perspectives can be. There is this otherworldly charm in the way some people think and look at the world and I couldn’t help but write about it, because well, I’m a writer and this is what we do:


“It all started with appreciation for art that somehow touched my soul. I can’t really explain it. After all, how do you even begin to put into words the emotions that art makes you feel? Right off the bat, I felt a sense of belonging. I always wonder what the mind of the artist must be like if their work has the ability to touch souls. How beautiful it must be! I see the way that art saves people and it’s a nice reminder of all the times I’ve been saved by art. The way some people look at the world is so magical, you can’t help but be drawn towards them. If nothing, there’s always that thread of art that binds artists everywhere. We naturally gravitate towards each other and how! But gravitating towards each other because you feel the safest in the midst of art and gravitating towards an artist because their mind has left you intrigued are two very different things. There is this exchange that I can’t quite explain. Appreciating their art? Cool, I’ll do it all the time! Appreciating their mind and admitting that their perspectives have be drawn to them? Can’t do it. It’s just not something that people say to each other. So, I guess I’ll just have to wonder how their beautiful mind works from afar. I just wish people could tell each other that they appreciated the way a person thinks more often. If somebody told me that they were intrigued by the way my mind works, I’d probably end up thinking about it for days; it’d be a compliment that’s too hard to beat. Then again, this is just another one of those things that I will just have to keep to myself. If only things were a little different, I’d be brave enough to let this artist know that they’re a beautiful person with a magical mind. The way we look at the world is so different, but we’re still somehow drawn to each other’s way of looking at it. I’m left with a million questions that I want to ask them, but I feel like I shouldn’t make a clown out of myself. I guess this is something I can never properly write about…”

Featured Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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  1. I used to feel the same way too, until I realized that the other person feels the same way too. After all, we are humans, and a social beast. Once you begin the journey of heartfelt appreciation, it only gets better. 🙂

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