What Do We Think of ‘Soulmates’?

In case you haven’t read yesterday’s post, (you can check it out here) you might want to go back and read it before coming back to this one. I decided to be a little more interactive with my readers and I asked them, whether they believe in soulmates, through a poll on Instagram. I have to say, I am genuinely surprised with the results because I did not think so many people would actually back me up on this one! Imagine my surprise when 75% of the people who took the poll responded saying that they do believe in soulmates! I’m just glad nobody asked me why on earth I was asking them this, but they’ll know now, once they read this.

soulmates poll

Apart from this poll, I also asked a bunch of my friends where they actually stand regarding the whole concept of ‘soulmates’ and, from the little handful who actually replied, I got some very interesting answers. Here are the ones that stood out the most to me (published with consent):

“Honestly, I think that it’s just made up and it can’t happen in real life. People think that they’ve found their soulmates, but this is just an idea of survival.” – Suraj Rajiv Kartha

“I don’t quite know for sure where I stand. I would like to believe that everyone has a chance at having a soulmate, but I buy more into an understanding that ‘soulmates are not born; they’re made. You kind of ‘grow’ a soulmate. You find someone you share a common interest, life story element or whatever with, and you grow a connection with them.” –Sanjana Prabhu


“I have always believed in the concept of a soulmate, but there were many instances in my life when I felt that it couldn’t be true and that the universe doesn’t work that way. That’s when I realized that soulmates can be platonic, too. Later, after more incidents in life, I concluded that sometimes it takes time to meet your soulmate. It can be at the age of 16, or maybe 45, who knows? But I do believe that you eventually meet the one. It’s not necessary that you spend the rest of your life with them because that’s not how things work out for everyone, but someone is definitely out there with the ability to connect to your soul.” – Anupriya S Nair, Amour Infini

“I believe there’s that one person out there who’s the exact person you’re supposed to end up with, like they’re your one true part. It takes time to find them; you might even screw up sometimes. Once you do, though, you’ll spend every single moment of your lives just being you; no need to act like a specific kind of individual, without any worries about screwing up again. It’s like a jig-saw puzzle; it just fits.” -Akshit Alva, Lockdown Cookdown


“You know that feeling when you meet someone who just knows? Knows that you like a Subway salad when you’re sad and mint chocolate when you’re happy? Imagine we were all walking puzzle pieces; then your soulmate would be the one piece that fit you perfectly. Sure, it would be no musical fantasy fairyland, but they’d be there with you, and you with them, whether it be walking through Hellfire or dancing in sparkles.” Anshruta Divakaran

“I definitely believe in the idea of soulmates. That there’s a person somewhere who’s your person. But it does feel a bit crazy to restrict something as wonderful as a soul connection to one particular human, no? I think that, in our entire lifetime, we meet many soulmates- so many people we end up sharing soulful connections with, so many people who change your lives in ways you couldn’t have imagined. While some of them stay, some move on. But that doesn’t mean that the connection you had wasn’t real. So, yes! Soulmates, for me, exist but not just in one person.” Bianca Sequeira

when its real

Personally, I think that we would be fooling ourselves into thinking that such a thing doesn’t really exist. Of course, I totally respect people who do not believe in the whole ‘soulmates’ thing and I get why they don’t want to believe in something like that. But, as somebody who has felt such a connection, I truly believe that soulmates exist for each and every one of us. They might not always be romantic, as has been widely popularized by art everywhere. I already know who my platonic soulmate is. And I do believe that this connection is something that needs to be nurtured to make it last. But when you do find them, it can be beautiful beyond words.

Anyway! That’s what I gathered from everyone I reached out to for answers and I am so pleasantly surprised with all these responses. To everyone who responded, thank you so much because it’s always wonderful to gain new perspectives.

I hope this gave you some insight into the concept of ‘soulmates’. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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