Forgotten Drafts CH4- ‘Soulmates?’

In a very random (*cough* K-drama fuelled) conversation with my best friend today, I asked her if she truly believed in the existence of a ‘fated person’ for all of us, and whether she ever wondered if we have ever crossed paths with them already without even realizing about it. Neither of us seems to have any answers to my questions, but it did remind me that I already had something similar written in my drafts.

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So, because there is no time like right now, I have decided to go ahead and share this particular draft with all of you today. This is something I think about way too often because I truly believe that we all have different kinds of soulmates in our lives. I know for a fact that my best friend happens to be my platonic soulmate, but here’s just a draft of me putting my thoughts out there and wondering who this ‘fated person’ could be, if he even exists:

“Perhaps, we have no reason at all to believe in the whole concept of ‘soulmates’ because it is ridiculous when you even think about it as a whole. I’ve been back and forth on this whole idea that, somewhere out there, maybe there exists a person that we’ll probably end up sharing a deeply meaningful connection with. I don’t know who my romantic soulmate is; I’m nowhere even close to figuring that out, so maybe I am not the best person to be writing about this. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best.

we're soulmates

I’ve always wondered how many people we’ve crossed paths with in our lives and how we don’t even remember so many of them. Then again, in a psychology lesson, I learned that the brain cannot just make up faces which means that you can’t really dream of people you’ve never seen. That’s so weird because I can swear that I’ve dreamt of faces that I have never seen in my life. But here’s a theory: what if that face is just a person I randomly bumped into at some random point in time, and what if I subconsciously remember their face?

Does that sound crazy? I bet it does. Then again, somebody told me that I have a crazy mind and crazy imagination, and they’re not wrong about it. I do have an overactive imagination and I do think that there is a lot more to this world than what we’re made to believe. Because, let’s face it, we’re all living such different realities and, somehow, we’re still living the same reality. Maybe we have been conditioned by the countless artists out there that ‘soulmates’ truly exist, but I didn’t believe in such a person until I met my best friend.

blair serena

And here’s where I want to reiterate that ‘soulmates’ don’t always have to be romantic. Because, when you think about it, who exactly is a ‘soulmate’ anyway? It’s just a person you share an inexplicably deep and meaningful connection with. My best friend happens to be my platonic soulmate and I will die on that hill because I have more than enough evidence that not only were we ‘fated’ to meet or whatever, but also that there is nobody in this world who knows me better than she does. I cannot put into words how much in-sync we are because it’s unbelievable sometimes; I don’t know, the connection just exists and I am grateful for it.

As a sappy, incurable, hopeless romantic, I would like to believe that we all have such a ‘fated person’ that we may or may not have come across before. But, you know? The world is a very small place sometimes and you never really know how things are going to turn out.

Well, I guess that’s one more question that will remain a mystery to all of us until we actually discover how things like these work. Maybe it has got something to do with our place in this world. Maybe not. I’ll let you know if I ever find out!”

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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  1. I love how your brain arrives at the non-romantic options as well. As far as souls go, the only nearmatches I’ve come across have been thoroughly that…non romantic.

    I fear the power of a connection that deep with a romantic power…that would really change (my) worlds indeed. Scary yet exciting thought…that they might exist.

    Glad you pulled this out of drafts!

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