Things You Need To Stop Giving Yourself A Hard Time For.

You're not broken.

Metaphorical Laundry.

It takes time and a whole lot of work.

You’re Not Supposed To Have It All Figured Out.

And that is okay!

A Little Heart-to-Heart.

Take all the time you need to feel better.


All I know is that it's okay to feel this way sometimes.

A Weekend Q/A: Session 3.

Here are the questions that I got.

The Last Few Pages.

What am I, really, if not my thoughts?

4th Blog-aversary!

Here's to many, many more milestones together!

‘Keep It Going’.

You don't always need to look at the bigger picture to keep pushing yourself forward.

Giving My Friends Bookish Descriptions.

I hope to try more things out with my writing in the future.

Work In Progress.

It's not always what it looks like.

Forgotten Drafts CH4- ‘Soulmates?’

I'll let you know if I ever find out!

Finding the Balance.

That's just the way the world works, isn't it?

Forgotten Drafts CH3- ‘The Mainstream’.

Clout is way more temporary than you think.

My Writing Process.

Happy writing!

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