A Weekend Q/A: Session 3.

As scheduled for the Sundays, I asked people what they would like to ask me and I got some very interesting questions! I couldn’t do a live Q/A session this weekend because I got caught up in something, but I don’t want to go back on actually answering questions here because I know some of you come back to read these. So I decided to go ahead and do a question sticker like the last weekend.

Here are the questions that I got:

1. Have you ever thought about writing something that incorporates food?

Funny you should ask, because yesterday’s post, Flavours of Life was about a random thought that talking about food brought up. But, in all seriousness, I would love to do that sometime. My best friend Akshit Alva runs a food blog called Lockdown Cookdown (go check out his blog!), and I would like to collaborate on something with him very soon. I have already collaborated with my two other best friends who are also bloggers (Amour Infini and Kittu’s Modern Mixtape; go check out their blogs!), and I would love to do more collaborations. I don’t quite know what it would be. yet. But I’m sure I’ll work something out. Stay tuned for more!

2. What do you consider as one of your weaknesses when it comes to a) writing, and b) art?

My biggest weakness when it comes to writing, I think, is that I can’t ever come up with a coherent concept to write about; it’s always several scattered thoughts and I don’t really know how to make sense of it. It works out well for me because people like to read that very raw, messy rant; it’s relatable sometimes. But I am working on that. I would like to write something that actually flows naturally, for once.

When it comes to art, I have to admit that I am not very consistent because I don’t start working on art unless I have a clear concept in my head. It’s beyond me how some people do it every single day. I have immense respect for such people. Then again, art to them is probably what writing is to me. I can’t go a day without writing, and they can’t go a single day without making art. So, I try to convince myself that everyone is out there doing their own thing.

3. How do you deal with a block or lack of motivation?

This sounds like a joke to most people when I say it, but I am 100% serious when I say that I deal with lack of motivation and creative blocks by simply talking to myself. I do that a lot. Either that, or I flip through the pages of my journal. Good ideas seem to show up somewhere along the way. Alternatively, I listen to music, read something or talk to my friends. They’re all always full of good ideas. Play around with a bunch of things and you’ll eventually figure out what works best for you! Things don’t seem to work the same way for everybody, after all.

4. What keeps you going on days when you’re drained out?

I don’t really have a solid answer to that, so I hope that this will do: I let myself feel whatever it is that I am feeling, no matter how extreme it gets. Sometimes, I don’t feel like writing on such days and that’s when I release paragraphs from my journal entries or the Forgotten Drafts series, because I know that I hoard content; it’s kind of like saving these things for a rainy day. Writing makes me feel better, but it also gives me some kind of purpose. So if I ever feel like taking a day off, I post content that I already have saved in my drafts or written in my journal. Either way, it makes for some good reading.

5. What are three things that you know you will do, no matter what, when the COVID-19 situation gets better?

I haven’t really thought about it too much, except that I know I want to meet my best friends the first thing I can. I miss them so much, it hurts. I want to meet them and give them all the biggest hugs.

I would also like to go back to the seaside and start writing more, sitting on the rocks. I really miss doing that. I think I’ll spend most of my time by the seaside if and when this situation gets better.

I want to spend more time outdoors, in general, honestly! (It’s huge if it’s coming from me because I’m an indoors-y person)

Thanks for all your questions. I only took in a few questions this week because I have been extremely busy. But, worry not, we’ll be doing more of these Q/A sessions. You can always reach out to me if you have more questions for me.

Until next weekend,
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Hey guys! I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments below or share with someone you might want to show this to! You can also reach out to me and say ‘Hi’ on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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