Rolling With It.

On a good day, I enjoy doing about five things all at once because, for some weird reason, it helps me focus. I don’t even understand how that works. But everything has a limit and sometimes, we’re just pushing it. Yesterday was one of the bad days. As in, my brain wanted to do a lot more things than I could handle at a time and I just sort of shut down because I didn’t know where to begin. I am doing a bunch of things to keep myself busy; it’s always either writing, sketching, reading or trying to learn two languages at a time. (My guitar lessons are taking a break for now!)

It also doesn’t help that the world expects way too much out of you. The standard set by some random guy for being considered as ‘trying your best’ is basically just being an all-rounder and making it seem effortless. Well, people who are all-rounders know that it’s not exactly cake-walk! It probably springs from the feeling of never being good enough, no matter what we do. So we keep trying to expand our horizons, a little bit at a time, and end up having to multi-task like Rick Riordan’s canon version of Thoth or something!

In a very short conversation with a friend today, I discovered that while some people like me think that willingly multi-tasking to focus better is weird, there are people out there who wish they could multi-task. Then again, everybody rolls their own way and that’s the beauty of the world. My friend also said that the need to get a lot of things done at the same time can get kind of annoying, and it’s true because it always feels like time is passing us by at a speed faster than light, and the need to have a life that is rich in experiences eats us all alive.

How do I do several things at once? I don’t know. I have no advice for anybody who wishes to multi-task better because, honestly, I am just as much as of a mess as everybody else is. Maybe an even bigger mess than I actually think. All I’m doing is just rolling with it because doing a bunch of things at once actually helps me stay sane. That might not necessarily be true for everybody else so I’m the last person who should be giving anybody any kind of advice.

Well, at least all kinds of advice except for this one: just roll with it and go with things at your own pace. The world is always going to try to tell you to do things differently because everybody thinks they are entitled to have an opinion about the way somebody else lives their lives. It’s perfectly fine if you want to take things slowly because everyone functions differently. We’ve just been told otherwise and compared to others for way too long.

After all, who knows you better than you know yourself?
Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Alessandra Caretto on Unsplash

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