Another Bad Day.

Alright, I’m kind of drained out today, so I’ll try my best to keep this one short and to the point:

Way too often, I have to remind myself that my levels of productivity and the performance of every single post on my blog does not determine who I am as a person, that it does not make me any less capable than I am on my good days. But the thing about most artists is that they end up judging their self-worth on the basis of how their work is received by people. So if you’re one of those artists who has been feeling a little out of it lately because your work isn’t getting the attention it usually does, please take it easy on yourself.

Try this one on for size: you telling yourself that you aren’t good enough simply because your work isn’t getting any attention is like cursing your devices for not functioning properly when the battery is at 0%. I am not saying that you feeling bad about it isn’t valid. But every single person has bad days and it isn’t fair to blame yourself for something that isn’t your fault at all. Sadly, a lot of great artists often end up going unnoticed because there is just way too much art in this world and, sometimes, standing out is a little more difficult than it usually is.

So, please don’t let that get to you. Keep doing what you do because you started doing it for yourself in the first place, anyway. I’m not asking you to not be sad over a piece of work that did not get the validation you expected it to; you are valid and so is your disappointment. It can be extremely crushing to have something you worked hard for being snubbed because people simply didn’t pay it any attention. Maybe the timing wasn’t right. We’ll never know. That’s the thing about social media, isn’t it? You never know how the timing is going to work for you.

But please do not, in any case, let it affect the way you see your art because it’d be so unfair to you. There will be so many more opportunities for you to make your work stand out and, in most of those cases, you will make it work in your favour.

Go easy on yourself sometimes. You can go back to doing your best and trying to outdo yourself tomorrow.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Milan De Clercq on Unsplash

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  1. Such a valid point. I feel like this very often, and often wondered what it is that I’m doing wrong that I do not get the ‘likes’ and attention I wish for. And then I find myself in a slump, not wanting to write. It helps to remind oneself that we write not for the whole world, but for ourselves, and that helps 👍

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    1. Exactly! Social media has made things so much harder when it comes to accepting that likes and views aren’t everything and that the lack of them doesn’t mean the end of the world. It just takes time to unlearn that.


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