No Way Out.

Empty smiles and hope bleaker by the day,
Holding on to a thread that is about to break,
The sun shines warm, but the chills won’t go away,
And all that I’ve loved is fading into grey.
Heart so heavy, into the depths I sink,
Drowning in tears and suffocating within
As the words refuse to escape me still,
They no longer mean to me what they once did.
I’ve held on for far too long now,
I wonder if it is time for me to let go,
Perhaps if I ever find a way out somehow,
I’d stop myself from sinking below.
Thoughts too dark keeping me wide awake,
Trying to take over, time and again,
I often wonder how much more I can take
Before I let my tears pour down like rain.
Thoughts too loud, I can’t think straight,
Spiralling down into a cold, dark place,
Perhaps there’s no way out of here,
Perhaps I’ll drown to my last day.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Things have been a little weird, lately. I can’t find the energy to write anymore. The fact that people brush off my writing and straight-up ignore it has been getting to me, too. I am trying my best to make it out of this so that I can go back to writing content the way I used to, but please bear with me until then. If you’ve been reading my posts everyday, thank you. It means a lot to me.

Featured Image by Jian Xhin on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “No Way Out.

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      1. Well… It just happens to every writer here. But don’t give in! Stay strong and you have few fellow bloggers who admire your work. ❤️❤️ So stay blogging . Stay happy. Sending you love and care! 🥰💕


  1. You didn’t know how much you motivate me. You are such a dedicated person Shubangi. And from your writings, I learned a lot. Don’t be sad. Keep blogging and keep inspiring.


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