500 Of Us.

I went to sleep last night knowing that this blog now has 500+ followers! It does not sound like a very big deal, but to somebody who started this blog impulsively, I am surprised as to how 500 of you think that what I write is worth reading, and that means the whole world to me. Of course, I’m aiming for a bigger goal, eyeing bigger things, but I definitely want to celebrate these baby steps with everybody who actively reads my blog, interacts with me, shares my posts with their friends, and of course, all the silent readers who don’t really respond but matter just the same.

A lot of you started following me after I started writing on a daily basis. How you’re not bored with my content yet, I don’t know, but I do know that I am grateful that you think I’m worthy enough to be a part of your daily reading. I love it when my readers reach out to me on my social media platforms to tell me that what I wrote really resonated with them. It’s kind of comforting, I guess, to know that there are people out there who are going through pretty similar things. To know that the random rambles that I post here actually end up meaning something to you feels pretty amazing.

It’s been a wonderful year for my blog, I think. Not only did I hit the 500-posts mark a couple of months ago, but I’ve now also crossed the 500-followers mark, and in a couple of days, I’d have been writing on a daily basis for 500 days straight. When I picture this in my head, it’s a community of 500 people and counting and that is so cool because these are the people who support me, read what I write and give me a purpose. The kind of motivation that this gives me on days when I don’t really feel like writing is unreal.

To all 500 of you, thank you for sticking around all this time and here’s to many, many more, hopefully!

Yours truly,
The Shubhster. Xx

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