Drowning, it seemed to me, would hurt.
Why then, when I fell for you, did I feel alive?
My thoughts never this loud before,
My heart didn’t know what to crave,
Never quickened its pace so,
My eyes never sparkled brighter,
Nor did the colour in my cheeks rise.
I dove head-first and held my breath,
Thought I’d struggle for air,
But falling for you was ecstasy
Unlike anything I’ve ever known–
And just like that, I’m breathing easy,
The air around me, cold and sweet,
Like the onset of a golden fall;
If I could drown in this air, I would,
If I had wings, I could swear I’d fly.
If love be an ocean, you’re the depths,
And for once, I’m not afraid to jump
For I know you’re here to stay–
This love could last ’til the end of Time,
Though we may be long gone,
So I might as well go under.
Drown me in this heady feeling.
If I never resurface, then so be it:
I like my chances, falling into you,
So take my hand and we can jump,
There’s no going back if we do,
We’ll see this love through—
Just say ‘yes’ and we can go all in,
I’m ready, so tell me, are you?

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash

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