A Little More.

Thousands of words I must have penned,
Each one singing praises of you,
Hundreds of pages I must have filled,
But how does one put a limit to love?
I’ve fallen so hard, yet deeper I fall
With every new dawn I breathe,
So much in my heart I want to say,
Not enough words in existence,
Certainly none as beautiful as you–
Your love makes music sound sweeter,
And the skies seem a lot more blue.
If I had my way, I’d paint your world
In sunshine yellow and burning gold,
The hues that your smile radiate,
Piercing every pore with mellow warmth;
A feeling so heady, so intoxicating,
It leaves me craving just a little more.
Perhaps I’m selfish to want you so,
But all sense is lost in love,
So here I am, left dreaming of you,
Wanting you a little more every day.
I could have the whole world,
All the treasures and the riches
And they couldn’t ever compare to you,
You’re the rarest of the rare,
The crème de la crème–
The longer I’m in love with you,
The deeper I seem to fall.
I don’t think I want to stop;
Only one way I see this ending–
With us madly in love,
Every day, just a little bit more.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Maira Gallardo on Unsplash

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