The Love I Thought.

Love, I used to think,
Was butterflies and blushing cheeks,
Struggling for air to breathe,
The inability to find the words to speak
Fuelled by a desire so manic,
It was all-consuming.

Love, I used to think,
Was sunshine and flowers blooming,
Endless, mindless day-dreaming,
Moments stolen from time so fleeting,
Hearts, quick-paced, loudly beating,
The magic of two souls meeting.

Love, I used to think,
Could never end in tears and heartbreak,
Always gave more than I could take,
Wished for you every moment awake,
And all the promises we could ever make,
Why, then, did we suffer all the heartache?

Love, I used to think,
Was the most unreal of places
That my heart could’ve taken us,
Somewhere we could cherish and trust,
And all the roads we could’ve walked;
Turns out, I was wrong.

Instead, love turned out rocky,
We made our way past the storms,
Time and again, crossed oceans;
Love, as we came to realize,
Wasn’t as easy as it once seemed–
And yet, it was everything we dreamed.

Love, now that I see it,
Is a trial by the burning flames–
Either we come out phoenixes the other end,
Or we go down with the tricks and games;
Whatever comes our way, we fight,
Together forever, and we’ll be alright.

Loving you, I thought,
Would cause me endless pain,
But you came to me, fires put out by rain,
Through my darkest days, you kept me sane—
All that I’ve ever looked for and wanted,
Your love was the best treasure to gain.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by John Jennings on Unsplash

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