Can’t quite tell what’s on my mind,
Perhaps I’ve been too lost
In the way the sun shines down on you
In warm, cascading, iridescent rays,
Like little kisses that left you golden;
A beauty that can’t be confined to ink,
Nor can parchments and scrolls contain–
The world glows all around you
Drenched in your glorious aura,
And then there’s me, eyes wide,
Wondering how simple it really is
To leave my heart in your hands;
As easy as breathing and as light as air.
If it were all only a dream,
I’d never want to wake up
Just to hold on to you a little longer,
Just so I could take this love in,
Let my eyes linger on your face awhile,
Wishing moments could stretch to eternity
My heart wishes forever we could be
Right here, frozen still in time;
Why bother what tomorrow has in store
When we can live for right now, hand in hand?
And if I did have to snap out of this,
I’d rather yours was the face I could see,
Next to you is right where I’d want to be,
If you’ll have me.
Perhaps the sun shall shine brighter for us
And burn warmer with our love,
And the moon shall tell you all my secrets,
You only need say the word
And I’m yours, and I’ll forever be,
And I’ll be your forever if you’ll have me.

~©  Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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