Weathered and beaten, the walls of my soul,
Scars left by ghosts of my past fading–
Time once cruel, somehow seems kinder
Ever since our paths have entwined
And you’ve carved in all things beautiful,
Painted my world all colours bright,
Brought me dreams that I’d never dared,
Along with all the love I thought I’d never find.
You’ve left your mark on me,
Hidden to all eyes, save yours and mine:
A love that only we shall know, nobody else,
A feeling that’s so unique to us,
Others can only dream.
Scars that couldn’t be erased for ages
Seem invisible with your light on me;
But the happiness is real, my love,
All the past pain feels like it was never true.
And when you hold my hands in yours,
I have eyes for nobody else but you.
Any tribulations and trials that may come our way,
We’ll stand against them together, unswayed,
Like a force of nature, we’re here to stay,
We’ll go where this life takes us,
Side by side, like we’ll forever be.
Your face etched for eternity in my mind,
Your name tattooed across my heart,
You’re in my life by some divine intervention,
Our hearts beat as one, though far apart.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Jamez Picard on Unsplash

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