Completely Taken.

Love, it would seem, was burning fire,
But how that illusion blinded us all–
How for souls and hearts we fall,
No reason good enough for how we’re drawn,
No sense to how we’re smitten,
Nor any end to love’s bottomless abyss;
Together deeper and deeper we’ll fall.
Every dawn a new song to be sung,
Every dusk another sweet victory–
But all of it a dull grey in your absence;
You’re the colour and I, your blank canvas.
Here’s to every word that leaves my lips,
All of them speak of you:
This heart of mine beats with your name,
This mind filled to the brim with dreams.
And as many times as I blink in a day,
You cross my mind in all of your glory,
Etching your name deeper in my heart,
Leaving a piece of you forever with me,
And till the end of time I shall cherish
This love we share, your heart safe with me.
How much I love you, I can’t put in words,
I’m not sure you know
And I can’t tell you how,
But perhaps I’m falling for you more,
Falling deep,
Like the air I breathe,
I’m completely taken with you,
Madly and truly,
And I can’t help but feel
You’ve taken over me.

∼© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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