Learn to Love Again.

One of the hardest things to do is after getting hurt in a relationship or a friendship, is picking up the pieces of your broken heart and not letting the intensity of your love die down.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should try to cope with the pain with some unhealthy mechanism. The pain is stronger than you. But that doesn’t mean that it will never end. At the risk of being extremely clichéd here, I can promise you that whatever pain you carry in your heart will pass, or at the very least, fade away with time.


It’s not easy. Trust me, I should know. I’ve seen people walk out as if everything we went through meant nothing, as if the word ‘friendship’ meant nothing. I’ve seen people who called themselves my ‘friends’ try and turn our friends against each other. And I’m pretty sure that so have you.


But this has never stopped me from loving the people closest to me. If anything, it has only reinforced the idea that the real ones stick by you even when you hit rock bottom. Because that is exactly what you would do for them, even if they needed you when your own broken heart was barely healed. If that’s not love, what is?

giphy (11)

What we need to learn is that there is enough poison in the world. Hate, apathy, jealousy, indifference, etc. Why add more fuel to a fire that we already try to fight? Isn’t it much better to focus sending our love to the people who deserve it, instead of hurting ourselves over those who hurt us?


Love isn’t a chore. It’s in the basic nature of a human being to want to love. Why, then, do we try to fight it? If the reason is the fear of ending it all in tears and heartbreak, then I have news for you— highs and lows are what keep our lives going.



It’s never too late for us to pick up our pieces and learning how to love those who deserve it. After all, life is too short to spend all of it trying to push people away!

Let love in. Let it be what makes you stronger.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.


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