An Open Letter to Friends who Drifted Away.

Hey, buddy!

I guess ‘Long time, no see‘ is such an understatement here because it has been so long. I miss you sometimes when I think about all the good times we shared and catch myself wishing that we still had that. But wherever you are in life right now, I am incredibly happy for you.


Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate you because you drifted away. Maybe I was hurt initially, but that wore off once I grew as an individual and realized that this is a part of life and it can happen at the best or the worst of times and we have zero control over it. All we can do is watch each other from afar and silently support each other.

tenor (10)

Do I wish that we could have put in a little more effort? Yes. But do I regret where we both are in our respective lives right now? Absolutely not. Just because things have changed between us and we don’t talk anymore, doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to get everything you want in life.

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You were a part of my life once upon a time, it feels like such a long time when I look back at it now. But I’ll never let the happy memories that we shared tarnish because we didn’t really part on a sour note. We promised to keep in touch, but life got in the way. And that’s okay! I understand.


Just know that when I look at you on my social feeds or hear news about you from our mutual friends, I hope for the best for you. It sucks that we haven’t been able to catch up in all these years and from what I can tell, you’ve got new friends now. You’re happy and you’re thriving, just without me.


But I’m still rooting for you from where I stand because you’ll always hold a place in my life, even if it was just like a chapter in a really long book. Even if it doesn’t really look like it, we helped shape each other just a little bit.

And don’t you ever forget that!

Sending you my best,

Your friend who got away. Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Mathias Herheim on Unsplash

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