10 Things Only Your Best Friend is Allowed to Say.

Conversations between friends can be hilarious! You can’t ever distinguish sarcasm from a normal conversation, and yet it works according to a simple code: you wouldn’t let your friends get away with saying things that you’d let your best friends get away with.

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The reason is simple: your best friend is one of the only people in the entire planet who can talk to you, sans filters, and knock sense into your head when you’re dangerously on the verge of making a bad decision. Your best friends have impeccable timing when it comes to inside jokes that will leave you in splits, but they are still allowed to say things that no one else probably is. 

Here are 10 things you’d only let your besties tell you:


1. “You need to stay away from ‘XYZ’ person.”
This might sound to everyone else as though it is coming from a place of jealousy, but best friends have this way of smelling out people who are bad, unhealthy or even toxic in your life. 9 out of 10 times, when your bestie tells you that a certain person is trouble, guess what? They usually are!


2. “I don’t like your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend.”
Once again, this comes from a place of concern, and not jealousy. If your best friends are anything like mine, they’ll never feel as though anybody would ever be good enough for the amazing person that you are. They’d hate to see you heartbroken, and you understand that too. So you let them get away with it.

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3. “That hairstyle/ outfit is NOT for you!”
You’d probably think that your best friend is supposed to support you for anything and everything you choose to do. But let’s face it– they only want you to look your fabulous best and they aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re making a huge fashion faux pas.


4. “Details!!!”
If anybody else were to ask you about the details of your life with that much enthusiasm, you’d probably label them as ‘nosy’. But your best friend is not just anybody. They’re allowed to grill you until you’re ready to spill your guts out to them about whatever is going on in your life. And the best part is that they’ll never judge you! Ever.

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5. “Okay, I started some drama on Twitter and I need you right now!!!”
We all have that one best friend who is a hardcore fan of a band or franchise. So much so that they will end up fighting anybody who tries to insult their favourite fandoms. And as their best friend, it is your duty to go have their back and fight online trolls. You wouldn’t let anyone but your best friend get away with this.

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6. “You’re being dramatic and there’s only room for ONE drama queen here!”
Every close-knit group of friends has one, so don’t even bother denying it. I’m the drama queen in my circle, so I should know! You won’t let anybody but your best friend cut down your drama like that! It’s sacred territory. No one can handle or put a stop to your drama like your best friend can. 

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7. You’re WAY overthinking this!
If a friend told you that, you’d probably beef with them for a week. But when it’s your best friend telling you that you’re overthinking something, you probably are. Your best friends know what you’re good at and they have full faith in your abilities. So, when they tell you that you need to chill and take a breath, you’d better do that.


8. We look like we’re dead in that photo. Delete it.
A friend will never be picky about bad photos. But a best friend? A best friend will never let you off the hook without a full-fledged photoshoot, with at least 6 different kinds of lighting, poses and angles. The rule is simple: if one of you looks bad, the photo is bad and it has to go.

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9. “I need  you to keep tabs on this guy for me.”
Of course, when it’s favour like that, you’d never ask anybody except for your best friend because you know that they’re the only one who’d be interested (excited, even) to do such a thing for you. And you’d do the same for them if the roles were reversed, too.


10. “I did something stupid. Again.”
You’ve probably had it up to your ears with the same old ‘I did something stupid by mistake’. If it was just a friend who tells you this, you’d let this go after a while because you’re not just over it at this point. But when a best friend tells you this, you’re going to yell at them and help them fix it. Because that’s what best friends do. 

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My best friends are pretty much my family at this point, so they get away with things that no one else ever can or will. Because there are no such things as boundaries between best friends.

It’s chaotic, but hey, it’s love.

Cheerio! Xx

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The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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