4 Things that Shouldn’t Come Between Friends.

Whoever said that the road of friendship was smooth obviously never had any real friends. The truth is that when two minds, similar or not, meet, butting heads is very common, and so is navigating an important relationship that friendship, in its purest sense, is.

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It’s no surprise that a few things are bound to get in the way of friendships sometimes. A few things that are reversible and repairable. But like every coin, there are a few things that can never ever be allowed to get in the way of friends; things that turn the bond into a toxic and suffocating one:


1. Romantic relationships.
No matter how strong your friendship is, if you start flaking on your friends just because you’re in a relationship, you’re doing it all wrong. Friends before romantic partners. Always. That much is absolute. That, and dating/ flirting with your friends’ romantic partners (exes count, too). They’re all a big ‘NO’. I don’t care how madly you want to spend time with your partner, give your friends that kind of attention too.

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2. Other friends.
Everyone has at least 3 different friend circles. You can’t be biased when it comes to your friend circles because they all play such an important part in different aspects of your life. So it’s natural for your friends to feel as though you prefer other circles over them. No one should ever feel as if they aren’t important in your life. Don’t let any other friend come in the way of you and your friends.


3. Lifestyle.
You and your friend may live incredibly different kinds of lives. But that shouldn’t get in the way of your friendship because it didn’t matter when you became friends in the first place. You are friends because you share a connection that goes way beyond material wealth. So don’t let it affect the way you and your friend treat each other. 

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4. Distance.
Why should it? You’re still going to be friends. Moving away or already being apart shouldn’t make a difference because if you truly value a friend’s existence in your life, you’re going to work twice as hard if you have to, to keep the friendship alive and thriving. A new life does mean new friends, but it certainly does not mean you have to leave your old friends behind.


I always say this and I’ll say this again: friendships are worth fighting for. Don’t let them get away especially when you can do something about it. Losing a friend is pretty much one of the worst feelings ever and it’d be a shame if you didn’t do anything about it.

Cherish your friends’ existence in your life. 

Cheerio! Xx

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Featured Image by Simon Maage on Unsplash

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