7 Rules of Any Friendship Ever.

Not that we always have to play life by the book, it’s always important to keep a few things in mind when it comes to cherishing any kind of friendship. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other. If you’re friends, it means that you are sworn to a set of rules that you need to follow if you value a person’s existence in your life.


It’s very easy to make a friend, but actually building a meaningful friendship is one of the hardest things anyone can do. The number of friends on your Facebook page or the number of followers on your socials doesn’t say anything about your friendships.


Friendships are among the most important things that shape us into the individual that we are, and they do so more and more every day, whether we realize it or not. So here are some rules of friendships that you shouldn’t ever break. (And dump anybody who doesn’t follow this rule for you.)


1. Thou shalt always have each others’ backs.
The first and foremost rule to any friendship ever is to defend your friend in times of need. You don’t have to be glued by your friend’s side all the time. But if you can’t defend them when they actually need the support, it speaks a lot about you than it does about them. They’d do it for you.

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2. Thou shan’t disrespect your friend in front of the world.
The thing about us humans is that we’re never going to have the exact same views about everything in life. So what if you and your friend don’t see eye-to-eye sometimes? So they have a different perspective! That doesn’t give you the right to humiliate them in front of others, especially when it concerns things they’re insecure about. Sort it out in private.

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3. Thou shalt confess. 
Confession can be a very healthy thing when it comes to strengthening the bonds of friendship. It doesn’t matter how silly your confession is. You could play a fun confession game every now and then so that all your secrets are out in the open and you don’t have anything to hide or feel terrible about from each other.

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4. Thou shalt always motivate your friend.
Sometimes, all we need is to take a leap of faith. A bit of friendly advice from a person you trust can be the push you need to do so. Sending positive vibes in this world full of negativity is one of the best things you can do for anybody, not just your friend. Be supportive of their aspirations and motivate them when they’re down in the dumps. You never know when they might need it.

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5. Thou shalt take their secrets to your grave.
Seriously. When a person confesses something to you, it doesn’t imply that you can share it with someone else. It’s not your license to gossip. You’ve been entrusted with something that means a lot to your friend. Don’t go around spreading the news to everyone else. They are called ‘secrets‘ for a reason, after all.

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6. Thou shan’t invade their space. 
As a friend, or as a best friend, you should respect your friend’s boundaries. It doesn’t matter how close you get over time. There are some things in life that just aren’t your place to comment upon. So make the right call and make sure your friend is cool with your opinion about certain things before you assume that your advice is always valued. Sometimes, it’s better to not say anything.

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7. Thou shalt be honest, especially in difficult situations. 
There are times when you’ll need to break some bad news to your friend. While you may not want to be the bearer of the bad news, think about it this way: it’s better if someone they trust breaks the news instead of someone who might do it in an abrupt manner. Never lie to your friends, even if it’s for a good reason. Haven’t you heard? The road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

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The rules of friendship are unspoken and unbreakable. No matter what kind of friendship you share, there are some things that you can never go back on. Of course, only you know what’s best to strengthen the bonds of friendship and how you want to go about it. But you know what they say, maintaining friendships isn’t a cakewalk, so a manual could be nice.

Cherish your friends, always!

Cheerio! Xx

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Featured Image by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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