Why are Friendships so Important?

I never thought I’d be writing about the importance of friendship, but here we are! In my 21 years, I have valued friendship over a lot of things because I’ve lost more friends than I can count. Some to distance, some grew apart, some friendships turned toxic and had to be let go.

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But one thing never changed in spite of all that– how much I value friendship in my life. As for the importance of friendship, where does one even begin? There are not enough words in the world that can do justice to this special bond that shapes our entire life.


I think I’ve spent my entire childhood being a very social person. Right from the very beginning. I grew up in a society where kids played outside, did their homework together and celebrated festivals together. Having grown up in such an environment, it’s no surprise that I value friendships.


You’d think that I’m a loner if I choose to sit in my room, writing a blog post every single day, instead of hanging out with friends. But the truth is that all the people that I can hang out with for over an hour without wanting to strangle them live far away. Bummer, I know!

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But you know what they say about realizing the value of something once it’s out of reach? That’s how I feel about all the good friendships in my life. You never know when one of you is going to move away, or going to land a job that is going to keep you so busy that you no longer have the time to catch up. 


Things happen, life goes on. Yes. But also, it’s a little easier when you have someone to share this with. I’m sure your friends feel the same way about you, too! Things are much simpler in life when you have friends to walk beside you through them. That’s why friendships are so important.

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The minute you find someone who is ready to walk through fire with you, you’ll know that you’ve found a real one. Cherish your friends, always and forever. Even if they move continents. Especially if they move continents.

So, the answer to the question? Friendships are extremely important!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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