10 Signs of a Healthy Friendship.

I might not be an expert in the friendship department, but let me tell you guys something— do not hold on to toxic people. Whether it’s in a relationship or a friendship that has gone sour, when you see the red flags popping up like a bad pimple, run like hell in the other direction and don’t feel bad about it.

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The reason I’m being so blunt about this is that I see people holding on to their so-called ‘friends‘ just because they’re scared of ending up all alone, so they just kinda’ settle (???) for a very tiresome ‘friendship‘ because apparently, something is better than nothing. And I’m pretty sure that ideology doesn’t apply to friendship or any kind of relationship in general.

So, here are 10 signs of a healthy friendship, just in case you needed a reminder to cherish all the real ones in your life!


1. You accept each other for who you are and help each other do so, too.
If you love yourself, good for you! But in a world that is constantly trying to make you feel as if you’re not perfect enough, negative criticism about ourself can set it whether we like it or not. A friend who will not only love you for who you are but also make you want to love yourself? That’s a real treasure!


2. You can be real and honest with each other.
Another sign that you’re in a healthy friendship is when you don’t feel like there’s anything to hide. If your friend already loves you for who you are, I don’t think there is anything they’d do to make you feel as if you need to keep secrets from them. That’s enough said.

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3. You learn from each other.
Because I have friends from a lot of different places, I am constantly learning and unlearning from them (and I hope I bring some value into the friendship too). Whether it’s about some new TV show or bringing a new perspective to show that things can work in a different way, helping each other learn is how you know your friendship is healthy and thriving.


4. You respect each other’s space and opinion.
In a friendship, it is important to know where to draw the line when it comes to certain things such as your opinion on their relationships, or dating siblings (or another best friend). You might not approve of their relationships, but know that it isn’t right to tell them who to date. But, if you’re lucky, you don’t have to bring up the conversation on boundaries; it fits right into the aspect of your friendship.

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5. You defend their name behind their backs.
What you think about your friends when you’re not around them speaks a lot for the kind of friendship you share. The same goes for what they say about you behind your back. And this doesn’t even concern what you tell others about your friends sometimes; it’s about what you tell yourself. Defending their name even in the slightest moments of doubt shows that you share a healthy relationship.

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6. You make each other a priority.
Whether it’s work or relationships, if you still get time to catch up with each other as though nothing has changed between you, it shows that you share a very healthy friendship. In fact, if anything at all, making time for each other eases the burden that life can stack up on your shoulders.

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7. You really listen to each other.
Every little detail counts. Knowing each others’ likes and dislikes, what kind of food they prefer, what movies they like to watch, what fandom they belong to, and even the bigger things such as knowing what they’re going through in life— it all shows how strong your friendship is.

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8. You have other friend circles.
One of the biggest misconceptions about having a healthy friendship is thinking that having other friends isn’t important. But trust me when I say this, it is extremely important to have friend circles outside of your own circle. If you’re really lucky, you will be secure enough to mingle your different friend circles, too!


9. You idolize each other.
As important as it is to learn from each other, it matters a lot more whether you would idolize your friend. If your friend is someone you want to be more like, in any kind of positive way, then you know that the friendship that you share is a healthy and strong one.

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10. You help each other grow as individuals.
In a healthy friendship, you allow each other the room to grow and become a better person in general. This means politely letting each other understand when something can get potentially harmful or just plain bad, forgiving each other for little mistakes and understanding their struggle when they are trying to grow.

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There is probably a lot more that shows the strength of your friendship. Let me know if I’ve missed out on anything in the comments below. And practice cultivating these habits if you can!

Cheerio! Xx

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The Shubhster.

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