Online Friendships: What You Need to Know- Part 2.

So why am I writing a part 2 to this thing, again? I don’t know. There might be a million reasons for this. Either I felt like I couldn’t do this topic enough justice in part 1, or maybe it’s a vast topic that needs to be talked about a lot more. Because whether we want to accept it or not, online friendships are very much real. And isn’t this what social media was meant to do anyway?

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Yesterday, I talked about the more important things you need to know to safely make friends online without compromising your privacy. Today, I’m going to talk about how you can maintain a healthy online friendship, no matter which corner of the world you live in, and how you can actually meet great, like-minded people online.

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1. Join fandom groups on social media.
Kind of an obvious one, but a big one because not only will you get the latest memes, fanfics and fan arts, you will also be able to join discussions about your favourite books and movies with people who like the same thing. It’s one of the easiest ways to find friends online. I know I did, and I love my friends so much!


2. Never assume that you’re being ignored if you don’t get a response right away.
I know! We live in a world where ghosting is just about the simplest thing a person can do to ignore or cut somebody off from their lives. Believe me when I say that I was incredibly insecure about being ‘just an online friend‘ and I used to freak out when I thought I was being ‘ignored‘. It’s just all in your head. Give them the benefit of doubt.


3. Keep up with each other!
Pay attention to the little things they tell you about themselves. With online friendships, you don’t get the luxury of hanging out and picking up the little quirks that tell you more about them. So it all happens either over the phone, video calls or texts that you exchange. While it’s a little difficult to do, once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go.


4. Send letters and birthday gifts.
Seems a little shallow, but exchanging letters and sending each other birthday gifts is kind of a prerequisite if you already share a strong bond online. Online friends are real friends after all! And while you can’t always be physically present on their birthdays, a small gesture like a handwritten letter or a gift can do wonders.

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5. Try meeting them!
You might think that this beats the whole purpose of being ‘online friends‘, but it is actually a very important step in maintaining a healthy friendship with someone you met online. If anything, it makes them feel as if they’re truly a part of your world. Try getting them to meet some of your friends offline. Mix it up a little.


These are the little things that helped me build a healthy bond of friendship with friends I met online. Of course, there are always things that can work on in a way that works best for you, and quite honestly, you can’t figure these things out until and unless you give online friendship a chance.

Also, I just realized that there is one more section that I’ve left out, so there will be a part 3 to this. I only hope you find this informative and it helps you make new friends online.

Cheerio! Xx

Hey guys! I hope you liked this post. If you did, leave a comment below to let me know, or share with someone who needs to read this today. You can also reach out and say ‘Hi’ to me on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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