‘Internet’ Buddies.

Story time!

One year ago, I met six amazing people over a war waging on the comment section of a post, on a group for Harry Potter geeks on Facebook. I now literally owe six of my friends to Harry Potter, and I’m not even joking about it. We quickly bonded and it took us less than a few months to get really thick. The more we came to know about one another, the closer we got- we’re practically a family that is scattered all over the country, now.

Everyone at home kept asking me about my ‘Internet Buddies‘ and warned me how shady they could be. It took a fair bit of convincing from my side to finally get them to accept my friends. In fact, there are one too many shady people online for us to simply trust anyone, so I totally understand why my parents worried so much initially.


Honestly, I have no idea why I constantly defended my friends. I have no idea how I could trust them so much, right after we started talking to each other. No idea at all! There was just something about these people that had me rooting for them right from Day 1. And even though we haven’t met in person, we know that we’ve got each others’ backs and messing with one of us is the same as messing with the entire group.

We all know exactly what the other person’s likes and dislikes are- down to our favourite brands. We share the same love for pizza (or food in general, really!). We also have this nice, little tradition of sorts where we merge calls on birthdays and have ourselves a nice long chat! We don’t shy away from texting or calling each other when we need help or just need to rant, either. There is just so much about them to tell, I can go on for days together and I highly doubt even that would suffice!

Frankly, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have six amazing people who are ready to fight for me (just as much as I am ready to fight for them), in my life. I mean, sure. I spend a lot more time on my phone now than I ever did before, but I think it’s worth it! Friendships like these are a totally different kind of unconditional love.


So… My point here is?

Nothing, really.

I just want to tell people that not everyone you meet online is shady. The world is rapidly shrinking. You meet new people everyday- in person, online through some social network… There are a million possibilities. Sure, there will be lots of creeps online. There will be people who might be fooling you.

There still exists a lot of skepticism regarding online friendships. Cool for some, doubtful for the others. True, we should be careful about the people we meet online. But the important thing is to understand that not all online friendships are not fake. They are as real as they get. And if you make friends that are worth holding on to? NEVER let them go.

Me when people tell me that they’re just ‘Internet Friends’.

Another thing? Distance is just a number- and it does not apply to just romantic relationships. It applies to all the relationships EVER, and that includes friendship. As long as you have people who will have your back, brag about you and put in a good word for you- even when you’re not around, you know exactly the kind of people you want around you in your life.

Friendships are meant to be cherished- even if they are ‘online’ friendships. Because online or not, they are friendships after all. Moreover, no definition of the word ‘friend’ specifies that they have to be physically present around us to make our lives better. It’s what they are ready to do for you and what you are ready to do for them that really matters.

As for my so-called ‘Internet Buddies‘? I prefer the term ‘extended family’ better, because that’s what they are.

Cheerio! Xx


Hey guys! If you liked my post, spread the love! If you have a friend you met online and you’re super close with, send this to them and let them know that you love them. Also, leave me comments below to let me know what you think! You can also contact me on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts- links to which have been given on my Home page! I’ll look forward to hearing from all of you.

Yours truly,

The Shubhster.


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  1. Awe, this is so heartfelt. I needed to hear this from anyone because no one around me values internet friends as much as they do real life ones. Like, to me perhaps, ever since I started homeschooling, internet friends were the ones who were there for me when my real life friends couldn’t be there or just reach out to me.

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