Can You Live Without Love?

Before you make a hasty decision and say ‘yes, I can‘, let me tell you two things:
A. You clearly still think that there’s only one kind of love. Here’s that myth busted.
B. There is always somebody in our lives who showers their love on us. Even if we don’t always see it.

you were saying

Give it a little thought, and you’ll find that love is all around us. And even though you may want to keep your romantic feelings at an arm’s length, you can’t help but love the people closest to you. Your family, your friends, your pets, your job, your passion, and most importantly, yourself.


Can you for a second imagine what a world without love (any kind of love) would look like? Just imagine all the traces of love erased from the existence of all time. The world as we know it today would cease to exist if we were to disregard the impact of something as simple as love has left on this tiny planet we call home.


So many writers and poets would’ve failed to pen their infamous works, wars would go on relentlessly, and well, the human race wouldn’t have lasted more than a few generations if all love were erased from this world. It is in our basic nature to want and give love, in one form or the other. Not to be dramatic, but life clearly couldn’t thrive without love in this world.


Personally, when I think of a world without any kind of love, I don’t see either of us existing. I don’t see a colourful, cheerful world; I see grey everywhere. I see wastelands and smoking ruins of war. It paints a pretty horrifying picture when you think of it. There is nothing even remotely happy or uplifting about that grim scenario.

giphy (11)

So, as much as you hate to admit to it, you can’t really live without love. None of us can. We can all go around pretending as if we’re above love, as if loving isn’t the most basic trait hardwired in us. But the truth is that when push comes to shove, we’re all filled with love for at least a handful of people in our lives.

The way I see it, the Universe compensates for one kind of love with another, should we ever fail to get one of them in life. We’ll always end up finding love in the most unusual places, even if we aren’t really looking for it.

So, chew on that the next time you say you can live without it!

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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